Wherever you may be, Moonsun will accept all of you in accordance
with your minds.

Whatever mind you may have had until now,
replace it, even in the span of a night!

If you truly replace the mind in its entirety,
Moonsun will accept it, too, at once.

To Moonsun, all of you in the world are My children.
Love for you fills Me: this is my single heart.

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Do I have to travel somewhere to realize the truth of this teaching?

No - The trip is from your imagination to its origin. It can all be done in your own mind.

Do I have to learn a new language or culture to realize the truth of this teaching?

No - You already have everything that you need. All that is needed is the resolve to do it.

How long does it take to realize the intention of the Reason of Heaven?

That is up to you. Depending upon your sincerity it can be done in an evening or you can talk yourself into not getting it done in a lifetime.

There is no discrimination in the love of the parent for the children. There is no special class, culture or place in the truth of origin. Wherever we are, we are in the body of our parent. Every human being has an affinity and the inside family connection with the parent of origin. Our language is God's language. Our parent of origin knows our innermost thoughts and feelings and loves each of us for who we are.

Understand the truth of the origin. She was not a well-known person. She was just and ordinary person on a farm. She had no special knowledge. She was not extraordinary. But understand well the truth that She who taught the ultimate teaching. She did not travel to see and to learn. She was not taught anything in particular. I entered the body of this woman and spread truth. Understand this well. Teach this to the members of our family. The human body is a thing lent, a thing borrowed.

January 8, 1888

This is the model that we are invited and encouraged to follow. At this juncture we can either turn our attention within, understanding the truth of origin through the mind like clear water or we can remain turned out, mixing what is taught with our common worldly truths.