Newpath Tenrikyo - Ofudesaki - The Tip of the Writing Brush

Dig up the root and Come home     THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION !

    "The Tip of the Writing Brush"
Poems modeling seventeen different ways and means, appropriate for the time, place and maturity of the Nakayama family, the neighboring villagers and by extension all human beings, to return
their mind to its natural pristine condition. Though teaching in a variety of ways and means, each poem basically says "I love you all equally and think it would be best for you all to come home to your origin just long enough to awaken from your current dream. And from that awakened understanding regain the courage and strength to go back out into the world and play freely and joyously as was intended in the creation of human beings."

Why are you not preparing to dig up the root?

Quickly, try the pondering and then hasten.

Timbers wishing to be used in the reconstruction of the world know how to "dig up the root"-  of their self centered imagination and are committed to finding ways of helping others to do the same. It is assumed that anyone who seriously, sincerely and deeply thinks about this will conclude that it is a sure way to bring peace both to one's self and to the world