Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven

Hereafter, calm your minds and ponder. Make sure you will not be remorseful later. I:54
From now on, I shall teach you about the long journey of humankind. Ponder over it firmly! I:57
Ponder well: however dear she may be to you, her parent, you can do nothing if she is out of the hands of God. I:61
Look at things in the world and through all ages. Calm your mind and ponder over them. I:69
If you are sincere in desiring this path to be, ponder over everything from your innermost heart. II:15
There is nothing in this world that should be called illness. Whenever there is a disorder of the body, ponder deeply. II:23
When you calm your mind step by step and ponder, it will change into clear water. II:26
Lest there be any error in the minds of you parents, you had better ponder quickly. III:31
This universe is the body of God. Ponder this in all matters. III:40
Ponder from your innermost heart to understand. Through saving others, you will be saved. III:47
Ponder this: no matter how clear the water may be, if you put mud into it, it will become turbid. III:65
Ponder well! Never think that these preparations for universal salvation are human workings. III:79
Listen and ponder step by step over the words and works of God, who is invisible to your eyes. III:119
This universe is the body of God. Ponder this in all matters. III:135
Ponder over it! There is nothing at all which should be called illness. It is but a road sign or an admonition from God. III:138
After listening to the sermons of those on the high mountains, listen to the teachings of God in Truth and ponder. III:148
Day by day, disorders will come to your bodies. Ponder over it! God is informing you of your mistaken minds. IV:42
Each of you, after pondering over the body, resolve the mind and lean on God. IV:43
Until today, you have not been able to see any path whatever. It can be seen quickly. Ponder and resolve. IV:45
Truly be spirited and ponder. Then lean on God and do the Joyous Service. IV:49
Even more do I hasten to save the villagers. Please ponder quickly! IV:78
Then, some among them may ponder. And if they all gather and speak to one another, IV:113
On hearing of it, all of you in the world must ponder. Any and all matters are according to the mind. IV:118
Ponder well! No matter how young, old, or weak you may be, I shall give you My free and unlimited workings according to your mind. IV:132
Ponder over this talk, all of you in the world. There is no mind the same as another. V:7
Ponder over your sufferings of the body and then ponder the mind that leans on God. V:10
These disorders are from My guidance, admonition, or anger. Ponder, each of you. V:20
Ponder and come follow Me with firm resolve. There is a path of hope in the future. V:24
Quickly, try the pondering and then hasten. Why are you not preparing to dig up the root? V:64
Before it occurred, I had given you as much notice as I was able. Ponder over it. IX:37
Truly settle your mind and ponder. I make this a firm request of you, My intermediaries. X:28
This path is a path of true sincerity and is difficult to follow. Everyone must ponder well. X:35
Ponder: whatever is said by mouth, if there is no sure proof, it will not do. X:73
Whatever you hear, I told of it all beforehand. Ponder over it. X:85
All humankind, settle your minds and ponder. Prepare quickly to wait for the Divine Record. X:92
Take each course of this path as your own matter and ponder. X:104
Ponder over this path, all My children! There is no knowing what kind of path will appear. XI:45
Ponder over everything Moonsun says. There is not an error in anything I say. XII:76
And though each of you throughout the world has been pondering until now, XII:89
To My sorrow, no matter how deeply you have pondered, you have no mind to save others. XII:90
I do not discriminate among any of you in the world. Please ponder, each of you. XII:98
When it is shown, however high your place may be, you will not be able to imitate it. Ponder this. XII:104
To explain what this core is: the pondering of your heart is the primary concern. XII:132
When this is seen, all of you, whoever you may be, will bow your head and truly ponder. XII:179
Now ponder! If only the settling of this mind is definitely accomplished... XII:180
God will teach you the truth about this. Ponder over it, all of you. XIII:42
Until now, all humankind has been pondering only with the human mind. XIII:94
This time, there is no need at all to ponder with the human mind on any matter. XIII:95
In the minds of all of you, with what thoughts are you pondering over this talk? XIII:102
That is why I put the fragrance even into your dreams. Quickly ponder over it, please. XIV:7
I request you to understand this talk clearly and to ponder quickly. XIV:28
With you humans, also, your children are dear to you. Think of this and ponder, please. XIV:34
On this matter, resolve your minds and ponder. I am in haste to assemble the performers. XIV:91
Ponder over this Service, whoever you are. If you dare to stop it, your life will be stopped. XV:53
Once they begin to appear, it will be too late. Therefore, all of you must ponder. XVI:47
Even until now, I made great efforts to persuade you. This time, indeed, you must ponder. XVI:50
Therefore, I shall tell you how to settle matters. All of you in the world must ponder quickly. XVI:64
Now ponder! From now you must replace your mind. It will not do, not to ponder and resolve! XVI:79
No one is aware of it, and the ponderings of each of you are only of dust. XVII:69
Hereafter, there is no knowing what I shall say. I request that you ponder thoroughly. XVII:72
I earnestly request each and everyone of you to ponder deeply over these teachings. XVII:75