Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven

As I am in haste to save all of you quickly, I set out to make all minds in the world spirited. I:8
When all are assembled and quickly do the Service, as those close to Me become spirited, God, also, will be spirited. I:11
The mind that causes depressed crops is pitiful. Quickly become spirited so that the crops are not depressed. I:13
At this time, begin the Teodori quickly. That will be the sign for miraculous things to come. I:15
Though I desire to go forth into the open quickly, I cannot do so because there is no path. II:13
Though I desire to open this path quickly, there is no place else to open it. II:14
At this time, set about quickly to clear away the structure from within the gate. III:1
When you have completed the sweeping, please rope off the ground plan quickly. III:2
Truly, the hastening in the mind of God is to put in the central pillar quickly. III:8
Though I desire to put in the pillar quickly, I cannot find where to put it because of the muddy water. III:9
Arrange to clear this water quickly. Purify it by using a filter and sand. III:10
If you quickly understand this talk, I shall put in the central pillar at once. III:12
If you quickly purify your mind and listen, I shall give you all of My teachings on everything. III:21
If this test is quickly seen, you will understand that My words are always true. III:23
But My teachings can be seen quickly. This will be the proof that cannot be denied. III:26
If you have borrowed something from another, you will need to pay interest. Return it quickly with a word of thanks. III:28
As God desires to inform you quickly, you must understand whatever occurs. III:30
Lest there be any error in the minds of you parents, you had better ponder quickly. III:31
At this time, after purifying the water, I desire quickly to take in the Shinbashira, who is to settle matters within. III:56
Unless the muddy water is purified quickly, there is no way to put in the central pillar. III:66
If only the central pillar is quickly put in, everything will be settled firmly forever. III:67
Day after day, the mind of God hastens to show you free and unlimited workings quickly. III:75
Thereafter, the pillar will be quickly put in. When it is done, the world will settle. III:106
If you quickly see the truth of this talk, become convinced, everyone, whoever you may be. III:107
Truly, the preparation to return her quickly is the first matter in the hastening of God. III:110
To set up quickly the central pillar of God, who began this world, is God's single desire. III:118
This preparation is for saving all humankind quickly. I shall make the minds of both the high and the low be spirited. III:142
Since My intent is single-hearted salvation in all matters, I desire to cut off the root of rebellion quickly. III:144
I wish to let you know quickly of the many people that will come in the future. IV:9
Day after day, I desire to make the mind of God quickly known to the minds of the high places step by step. IV:15
I impatiently await the performers of the Service to gather quickly. What are you close to Me thinking? IV:24
Hereafter, My only concern will be the preparations quickly to distinguish between Kara and Nihon step by step. IV:33
If only this distinction is made quickly, the regret of God will be cleared away. IV:34
Until today, you have not been able to see any path whatever. It can be seen quickly. Ponder and resolve. IV:45
Though I wish to have you know this path quickly, it is difficult because there is no understanding. IV:46
If this path is quickly distinguished, everything will proceed as God intends. IV:59
I desire to teach everything to you children quickly. Take notice of this hastening in the mind of God! IV:64
Day after day, God hastens in agony. Please, quickly make preparations for salvation. IV:68
You are wondering when this path will come. Come out quickly, now is the time! IV:71
Step by step, I have informed you by My writing brush. Quickly awaken your mind to it! IV:72
If you only come to understand this quickly, your sufferings of the body will be cleared away. IV:73
But weeds have gradually grown thick and the path is obscure. Quickly, the preparations to open the main path! IV:75
Day after day, hasten with spirited minds. If only the main path be quickly opened... IV:76
Even more do I hasten to save the villagers. Please ponder quickly! IV:78
All of you children who lean on God, quickly make preparations to go out into the open. IV:83
Be firm day after day, you performers of the Service! Calm your minds and learn the hand movements quickly! IV:92
It does not matter how difficult your condition may be, for God desires to reveal free and unlimited workings quickly. V:11
You close to Me, quickly become enlightened in this teaching of the truth of God. V:15
If you quickly become enlightened in this one matter, everything will proceed accordingly. V:16
Quickly, try the pondering and then hasten. Why are you not preparing to dig up the root? V:64
From now on, please quickly make preparations truly to purify your innermost heart. V:74
This time, as I have come out into brightness, everything will be seen quickly. VI:62
Though Tsukihi desires to make this truth quickly known to the high places, VII:5
Know that Tsukihi worries and is anxious to tell you quickly about that path. VII:8
If only all of you understand Me quickly, truly from your innermost heart, VII:27
From the desire to show you these blessings of salvation quickly, the mind of Tsukihi solely hastens. VII:29
Because I hasten for all these matters, it is urgent that the innermost heart be quickly swept clean. VII:30
If only I quickly show you the free and unlimited workings, the mind of Tsukihi will be spirited of itself. VII:34
Hereafter, it shall be like this for all time. I shall teach you quickly about the free and unlimited workings. VII:39
Though you have not been able to see anything until now, from now on you will see things quickly. VII:45
If your mind is sincere, pray to Me quickly about any concerns. I shall respond at once. VII:46
Quickly become spirited of mind and hasten. Do you not know that Tsukihi waits impatiently? VII:49
From now on, however high their position may be, to show them the truth quickly is My desire. VII:62
If only understanding comes to the minds in high places quickly, Tsukihi will show free and unlimited workings quickly. VII:63
Tsukihi desires to make these free and unlimited workings quickly known to the whole world. VII:64
Tsukihi has held her tightly in an embrace until now, and to show her quickly is My desire. VII:68
Her name is Tamae. If you wish to see her quickly, thoroughly learn the hand movements which Tsukihi teaches. VII:72
If you believe this talk to be true, settle your mind and begin quickly. VII:73
If only this is quickly realized, there will be no one who will stand against Me. VII:76
From now on, I shall save you completely from the rigors of childbirth. You shall give birth quickly and without distress. VII:80
By this Service which teaches the path quickly, all minds in the world will be purified. VII:99
When you come, compare your disorder with this place. If the condition is the same, quickly begin the sweeping. VIII:82
When it is done, assemble the performers and quickly begin the Service. Your minds will be spirited. VIII:84
When you hear that Tsukihi has rushed out, quickly bring out the Kanrodai. IX:18
Though the mind of Tsukihi sincerely hastens to have you know this one truth quickly, IX:40
If only this assemblage is quickly completed, nothing will remain that cannot be achieved. X:40
If this truth becomes quickly known to all humankind, My talks will be understood. X:51
How can I have you understand My mind? I so desire that your minds be purified quickly. X:58
All humankind, settle your minds and ponder. Prepare quickly to wait for the Divine Record. X:92
Day by day, calm your minds firmly, My intermediaries, and begin quickly. X:97
The urgent desire to graft this tree quickly, oppresses the breast of Tsukihi. XII:16
If one branch of this tree is securely grafted, the others will all quickly settle. XII:17
All of you in the world, please understand these thoughts quickly. It is Tsukihi's request. XII:46
If you come onto this path quickly, all of you will be spirited, whoever you may be. XII:82
To train you in such a path quickly is My desire, but there is no understanding in anyone's mind. XII:97
If only I show this quickly and clearly, however high your place may be... XII:102
Though Tsukihi desires to show proof quickly against illness, death, and weakening, XII:105
If only your minds quickly become open to reason, I shall show you the proof at once. XII:110
I say that I desire to show the proof quickly at this time. What do you think of My words? XII:115
Today, there will be no time even to look aside. I shall show you the proof quickly. XII:124
This time, as the time is pressing, I shall quickly begin any work whatever. XIII:107
Once your mind has become truly purified, I shall quickly teach you the means to salvation. XIII:113
Another salvation: I desire quickly to give you the Proof Amulet that protects you from illness, death, and weakening. XIII:115
That is why I put the fragrance even into your dreams. Quickly ponder over it, please. XIV:7
I request you to understand this talk clearly and to ponder quickly. XIV:28
Do not wonder what this is about. I need musical instruments for the Service quickly. XIV:85
On this matter, hasten to resolve your minds firmly and begin quickly. XIV:89
If you quickly unite your minds and do the Service correctly, the world will settle. XIV:92
Quickly settle this matter firmly in your mind and hasten to begin. XV:63
Now a request. What do you think I request? Quickly assemble the musical instruments and begin practice. XV:72
Now today, by all means, you must quickly do the Service. XV:74
Quickly begin to bring out the musical instruments at least. I am hastening solely for the Service. XV:90
But today, as I am hastening the path, all things will quickly appear. XVI:46
Therefore, I shall tell you how to settle matters. All of you in the world must ponder quickly. XVI:64
Because I wished to see this path quickly, I have hastened. From this time forward, there will be joyousness in everything. XVII:23