Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven

If you are sincere in desiring this path to be, ponder over everything from your innermost heart. II:15
Words of flattery are unwanted. If only there is sincerity in the core of your mind... III:39
By this salvation given in accordance with the mind of sincerity, you shall be freed from illness, death, and weakening. III:99
This fertilizer: do not wonder what is effective. The mind's true sincerity is its effectiveness. IV:51
When I have discerned your mind of sincerity, know that I shall provide any protection. IV:52
According to your mind of sincerity, I deny My protection to no one, whoever you may be. IV:95
If God accepts your mind of sincerity, I shall work freely and unlimitedly in any matter. V:14
However difficult matters may be, if only your sincerity is accepted by God... V:40
Do not think that incantations or magical arts are great. The mind's sincerity is the true art. V:44
When God has accepted the sincerity in the minds of the ten performers of the Service, VI:18
Seeing this, an idea came to none other than the sincere mind of Tsukihi. VI:35
Everything there is, was begun by the sincere thoughts of Tsukihi. VI:104
When Tsukihi has ascertained your mind's sincerity, know that I shall grant you every kind of protection. VI:109
Though I appeal to you in sorrow over and over, I shall save you if you become of a sincere mind. VI:118
Whatever I may work, I shall work all things according to your mind of sincerity. VI:134
So sincere are the thoughts of Tsukihi, but what are the thoughts in the minds of you all? VII:25
Each of you, clearly express sincerity from your innermost heart. Then the blessings will be seen at once. VII:32
If your mind is sincere, pray to Me quickly about any concerns. I shall respond at once. VII:46
So sincere are the thoughts of Tsukihi, but the minds of you close to Me are yet worldly common. VII:51
If your mind is sincere, Tsukihi will assuredly save you. VII:84
If you believe this to be true, everything will be in accord with the mind of true sincerity. VII:102
If the mind is sincere, the performance of any kind of Service will all bring salvation. VIII:3
But Tsukihi will save all of you, whoever you may be, if only your sincerity is accepted. VIII:55
Though the mind of Tsukihi sincerely hastens to have you know this one truth quickly, IX:40
About the Gift bestowed from Heaven after Tsukihi discerns the sincere mind: X:1
If you but sincerely think this to be true, Tsukihi will discern it and assure anything whatever. X:23
This path is a path of true sincerity and is difficult to follow. Everyone must ponder well. X:35
After the performers are assembled step by step, I shall discern their sincerity and assign their roles. X:38
Tsukihi desires you to have a sincere mind because I wish to train you in all matters. X:65
By all means, Tsukihi will complete this path, holding fast to the mind of sincerity. X:99
I shall distinguish those thoughts which are sincere from those which are concerned with only the self. XI:5
Words of flattery are unwanted. Tsukihi looks for the sincerity of the mind. XI:8
If your sincerity does not accord with the mind of God, in vain is devotion, however great it may be. XII:134
If all of you in the world pray with this thought sincerely held, you shall receive any blessing, whatever it may be. XII:182
Tsukihi sincerely desires only to end the wars among those on the high mountains. XIII:50
If your mind is truly sincere, there will never be a failure in any salvation. XIII:71
Whatever may happen, there will be nothing to fear, depending on your mind of sincerity. XIV:49
But if you are truly sincere, I shall teach you everything whatever. XIV:80