Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven

Ponder well: however dear she may be to you, her parent, you can do nothing if she is out of the hands of God. I:61
Lest there be any error in the minds of you parents, you had better ponder quickly. III:31
To God, people throughout the world are all My children. All of you equally, know that I am your Parent! IV:79
Even between parent and child, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters: their minds all differ from one another. V:8
Among the ten performers of this Service, there are those who take the role of the Parent of the beginnings of origin. VI:30
This is the Residence where I began this world. Therein lives the original Parent of human beginnings. VI:55
The true Parent of this universe is Tsukihi. It is I who protect you in everything. VI:102
Of whatever salvation, you are assured, because your true Parent lives. VII:101
This Parent, who began human beings, lives. This is the truth. VIII:37
Tsukihi assures you any and every salvation because your true Parent lives. VIII:46
Knowing nothing of it, you try to stop your Parent's work, even to take things away. What manner is this? VIII:65
To begin teaching about all matters, one must be the Parent of Origin. VIII:73
If there should be another parent who began human beings, go and seek to find where. VIII:75
You have heard of the Gift of Heaven to be given to the Parent of this world's human beginnings. VIII:78
What do you think it is that I shall make known? I shall make the Parent of Origin clearly known. IX:26
To teach you things unknown until now, I shall make the Parent of Origin clearly known. IX:30
When you come to know the Parent of Origin clearly, I shall give you My assurance on anything whatever. IX:31
On whom do you think the Food of Heaven is to be bestowed? It is to be bestowed on the Parent who began this world. IX:61
There is no one who knows the mind of the Parent who is to receive the Gift from Heaven. IX:62
Once Tsukihi has bestowed it, the rest is up to the mind of the Parent. IX:64
What do you think this Stand is? It is the Parent of Nihon. X:22
The earth and heaven of this world is your real Parent. Out of this, human beings were born. X:54
He will truly understand and be purified in mind, and will lean on the Parent in all matters. X:102
But what path will be seen tomorrow? The core of your mind will become apparent. XII:177
When this mind is fully apparent, no one will ever be able to turn away. XII:178
From now on, I, the Parent, shall do as I please instead. Defy Me and I shall give a return at once. XIV:31
Know that the regret of the Parent even before today has not been slight. XIV:32
Day after day, the concern of the Parent is only about the means to save you. XIV:35
In all matters, think well about the Parent's regret, being only opposed by My own children. XIV:37
From now on, as the Parent is revealed, I shall not take opposition from wherever it may come. XIV:38
Hereafter, it is the Parent who will direct. Nothing said against Me shall I ever accept. XIV:44
From now on, everything will be as the Parent intends. Just a word and it will be realized without fail. XIV:47
Everyone throughout the world is a child dear to the Parent. There is no knowing what I may say out of My deep love for you. XIV:52
In this world, whether it be in the high mountains or the low valleys, everyone is a child of Mine, the Parent. XIV:53
This time, by all means, I must have you know the mind of your true Parent. XIV:54
Please become firmly convinced of this path. The Parent requests this of all humankind. XIV:56
Then the mind of the Parent will spring forth spiritedly, and I shall begin any and every working. XIV:59
If only I begin the workings, everyone, whoever one may be, will lean on the Parent. XIV:60
From tomorrow on, the Parent will go forth a step ahead of you and give a return for every matter. XIV:64
Perhaps you do not know what this talk is about. Tell them all about the workings of the Parent. XIV:67
From now on, even if each of you keeps silent, the Parent will enter you and make you begin to speak out. XIV:71
Whatever happens, do not worry. Everything that happens is an admonition by the Parent. XIV:74
No matter how I try to tell you the truth by words, there is no understanding. Oh, the regret of the Parent... XIV:75
Therefore, the Parent will enter the body. There is no knowing what I shall do. XIV:76
However trying your condition may be, it is not an illness but the regret of the Parent. XIV:77
I do not direct this talk at a particular place. You are all children of Mine, the Parent. XIV:78
When the regret of the true Parent comes out, perhaps no one knows the way to settle it. XIV:79
I earnestly request you to take this path. The Parent assures you, so there is no need for worry. XIV:84
Now today, whatever you may do, you need not worry, for the Parent assures you. XIV:86
This time, no one will be able to stand against Me. From anyone who is of mind to defy, the Parent will withdraw! XIV:88
Hasten to prepare everything for the Service. Fear nothing, for the Parent gives you assurance. XIV:90
But today, I shall speak out on any and every matter. Please think of the regret of the Parent. XV:2
However trying your condition may be, the Parent will work to the utmost. Take heart! XV:8
From now on, please be firmly convinced of the words of the Parent. There is no need to worry. XV:9
From tomorrow, the Parent will begin the workings. Perhaps there will be no one able to defy Me. XV:10
Forty-three years ago, the Parent became revealed and has been teaching even until now. XV:11
Today, there is no knowing what I may say. I shall reveal all the regret of the Parent. XV:18
From now on, the Parent will request just one matter of you. I shall speak of nothing else. XV:27
Now today, you close to Me, let your minds not be opposed to the Parent's words on any matter. XV:30
It is clearly seen in the eyes of the Parent. Perhaps no one is yet aware of what it might be. XV:33
After telling you any and everything about all matters, the Parent will work. XV:36
You might not know what this working is. The whole universe is the body of the Parent. XV:37
I desire that you know the regret of the Parent up to now. So at this time, I shall reveal all of it. XV:38
Step by step, the Parent, who began this world, will enter all of these useful timbers. XV:60
When the Parent, who began this world, enters them, there is no knowing what I shall do. XV:61
Whatever I do, do not worry. Any and everything is assured by the Parent. XV:62
Those who are acceptable in the eyes of the Parent will grow only more spirited step by step and day by day. XV:66
Those who are regrettable in the eyes of the Parent may be gone in a moment as in a dream. XV:67
Whatever I request, no one understands. Oh, the regret of the Parent... XV:76
Today, whatever the Parent may say concerning any matter, do not oppose it. XV:78
As to this Service, whatever the Parent may say about any matter, do not oppose it. XV:86
What is called the Kagura this time is the Parent who began human beings. XVI:4
However earnestly I appeal to you, no one understands. Oh, the regret of the Parent... XVI:49
Tsukihi is the Parent who began human beings and this world which did not exist. XVI:53