If this test is quickly seen, you will understand that My words are always true. III:23
Though I teach solely of things unknown, there is nothing I teach that is untrue. III:72
This fertilizer: do not wonder what is effective. The mind's true sincerity is its effectiveness. IV:51
Do not think that incantations or magical arts are great. The mind's sincerity is the true art. V:44
There may be no one at all who knows the true working of God day after day. V:78
What do you think this path is? It is the true path that will settle this world. VI:4
The true and real God of this universe is Moonsun. The others are all instruments. VI:50
The true Parent of this universe is Moonsun. It is I who protect you in everything. VI:102
Hereafter, nothing I say will be false. Take all My words to be true and understand them. VI:103
If you believe this talk to be true, settle your mind and begin quickly. VII:73
Of whatever salvation, you are assured, because your true Parent lives. VII:101
If you believe this to be true, everything will be in accord with the mind of true sincerity. VII:102
Hereafter, I shall teach you everything about the true path step by step. VIII:14
I shall tell you everything step by step. Listen to My words and understand them to be true. VIII:24
There is nowhere but this place that can be called the true origin of the world. VIII:25
I shall teach you only of things that have not existed before and bring true salvation. VIII:30
I must have you know My true intent in beginning this world. VIII:35
Moonsun assures you any and every salvation because your true Parent lives. VIII:46
Even until now, all things have already appeared, but you have not known their true origin. VIII:57
Even until now, everyone has known the moon and the sun, but there is no one who knows the true origin. X:14
If you but sincerely think this to be true, Moonsun will discern it and assure anything whatever. X:23
This path is a path of true sincerity and is difficult to follow. Everyone must ponder well. X:35
When the true Divine Record has been accomplished, Moonsun will spread everything whatever. X:93
There can perhaps be no greater happiness. Look forward to it as coming true. XI:60
If a true resolve comes to your mind, and you do not turn away from the words of God, XII:99
Until now, in the minds of those within and those of the world, there has been no true understanding. XIII:15
The reason I admonished you step by step is only that I hasten for your true salvation. XIII:112
This time, by all means, I must have you know the mind of your true Parent. XIV:54
When the regret of the true Parent comes out, perhaps no one knows the way to settle it. XIV:79
Now today, whoever you may be, I shall clearly reveal your true innermost heart. XV:20
Therefore, I began to set up the Kanrodai. It is for the place of the true origin. XVII:36
Thereafter, I shall reveal all the true mind of everyone of you by all means. XVII:47