Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


Though it is springwater that fills the pond in the high mountains, yet at its spout, it is mixed with mud. II:25
When you calm your mind step by step and ponder, it will change into clear water. II:26
I shall go into the water in the mountains and make it clear, whatever kind of water it may be. II:27
If I only remove the mud from it completely, the remaining water will be clear. II:30
I can see fire and water in the high mountains. Can you not see this with your own eyes? II:40
In distinguishing between those of Kara and those of Nihon, I shall use fire and water to make the distinction. II:47
From now on, I shall speak in the metaphor of water. Be enlightened by the words "clear" and "muddy." III:7
Though I desire to put in the pillar quickly, I cannot find where to put it because of the muddy water. III:9
Arrange to clear this water quickly. Purify it by using a filter and sand. III:10
At this time, after purifying the water, I desire quickly to take in the Shinbashira, who is to settle matters within. III:56
Ponder this: no matter how clear the water may be, if you put mud into it, it will become turbid. III:65
Unless the muddy water is purified quickly, there is no way to put in the central pillar. III:66
When the distinction between fire and water in the high places is made, joyousness will settle of its own accord. VI:5
Know that the distinction between fire and water will be made by the performance of the Joyous Service at this place. VI:6
Take warning: fire, water, and wind will withdraw from the three deemed as right-hand men among the ten. VI:21
However high the mountains, floodwaters will reach them. Yet in the low valleys there will be no danger. VII:13
Never yet have I spoken about the origin of water in this world. XII:164
This time, on the real truth of water, there is no knowing what kind of talk I shall give. XII:165
What do you think My hastening is about? If you grow crops, you may be in need of water. XIII:101
After looking through the muddy waters, these personages drew a fish and a serpent to them. XVI:13
Please wait awhile before giving away what you have prepared. It is like throwing it into muddy water. XVI:73