Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission WHAT COMES TO MIND?

What comes to mind

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.
At this time, as God is revealed,
I shall teach you any and all things.
So long as you remain unknowing that the body is
a thing borrowed, you can understand nothing at all.

As we go through our ordinary daily activites, various thoughts concerning our experience of our individual situations and environments come to mind. For followers of the Reason of Heaven it may be that any mention of individual situations and thoughts brings to mind the insight that no two human minds are the same.

Thinking over the recorded journey of our human species so far there appears to be a common thread of attempting to provide a stable framwork or foundation for society that allows for a certain degree of freedom of thought and imagination but also the recognition that in our wild state our species is as dangerous and unpredicable as any other and as a purely selfish alpha predator perhaps even more so.  Over time efforts have been made to make it possible for us to live together in the various kinds of human societies. Though not exclusively so, as may early societies made no distinction between govenment and religion, a case can be made for describing many of those efforts as being in the realm of various religions and religious beliefs.

Even until now, there have been teachings, ethical and ancient,
but there has been no one who know the origin.

 For students of the poems collected as the "Tip of the Writing Brush" those efforts might bring to mind "teachings, ancient and ethical" and that in turn might bring to mind what could be called the "ancient and ethical teachings" of the Reason of Heaven but that would be a mistake as there are no ancient and ethical teachings of the Reason of Heaven. This teaching is an entirely different subject from those ethical and ancient teachings of the past and though respectful of teachings from the past it should not be viewed as being in the same category. Indeed we are encouraged to make the comparison between these teachings and those of the past.

After listening to the sermons of those on the high mountains,
listen to the teachings of God in Truth and ponder.

 The teachings of the Reason of Heaven deal with revealing the origin of the mind, not the common contents of the mind experienced as  self-centered imaginings and truths of the world.

Now at last, I shall fully reveal the mind's core step by step.
Take notice!
As human beings are shallow,
you speak about everything without knowing the core.

The distinction is crucial as in the passage of time the actually teaching could become burried under common worldly notions concerning imagined ethics, cultural norms and other truths of the world. What then is the "core" and origin of the mind? To find out we are hastened to quickly do the work (service) of settling and calming our self-centered imaginings so that our mind becomes "like clear water", revealing its origin. Quickly, do it now, watch, awaken and be aware of the original true self that remains when the self-centered imagination  is settled.

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