Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission FREE AND UNLIMITED

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

free and unlimited Free and unlimited, not attached to, conditioned or bound in anyway. Free and unlimited workings means at work in the universe following whatever path causality ("innen") opens.  The complete definition of free and unlimited workings is the state of the universe at any given moment. In a human mind free and unlimited workings refers to a mind and imagination that knows and understands the truth of origin and is not bound to a body or to any temporary truths.

Bound and limitedWhen the Tenrikyo Dynamic teaches about free and unlimited workings it is referring to the unintended suffering that attends to the natural state of the human mind that is bound to a body and which is then conditioned to any number of truths that are centered on a body (a self-centered imagination). To make repairs to that natural state and the unintended suffering and dissatisfaction that has accumulated in that state of mind the Tenrikyo Dynamic holds out the promise of helping any and all human minds to awaken to the free and unlimited workings that flow from the knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin, the truth that can be found through the "mind like clear water".

The life of Miki Nakayama after awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun clearly shows a life path of "free and unlimited workings.

Day after day, the mind of God hastens
to show you free and unlimited workings quickly.

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