Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission PROSPERITY

Rich Harvests

As your minds become spirited step by step,
there shall be rich harvests and prosperity everywhere.

Human beings have always tied their desire for happiness to the acquisition and maintenance of prosperity. Experience has taught us that even hard work cannot always guarantee prosperity and for that reason we have turned toward other methods to insure our prosperity and satisfaction.

On our long journey all of our human cultures have developed ways to maintain our courage and high spirits in the face of uncertainty and changing fortunes. Over time we have employed various rituals, sacrifices, prayers, incantations and strategies practiced both communally and individually in our efforts to gain good fortune, help and favor from powers greater than our own. As we have made our way outward into the world our ideas of the abode of those powers has also expanded outward, often to remote places like the tops of mountains, the depths of oceans or the sky above.

 We all know that the greater the distance we are from the source of something that we want the more expense and difficulty there is in acquiring it. There is an economy to be gained however in being at the source of something that we want and in getting what we want at the family price, directly from the manufacturer.

The teaching projected through the Tenrikyo Dynamic recognizes the effectiveness of all of the strategies that we have employed to obtain and maintain prosperity and offers to go beyond those means and extend an invitation to all human beings equally to go directly to the source of prosperity and high spirits, to the place where both prosperity and high spirits are manufactured.

The doorway to that place of manufacture ("Jiba") is conveniently located at the at the core of each person's mind and the key to that door is  none other than our own true sincerity. That said, there is just one problem with getting to that door. Over time we have piled up experiences and accumulated truths on top of it and so to get to it we have to do some moving, shifting and excavating.

In 1838 Miki Nakayama, because of her true sincerity, accidentally passed through that door and Her worldly common, shallow mind was replaced with a mind that knew and understood the truth of origin. From that moment on She went to work on instructions that made clear the location of the one truth of origin that exists at the core of every human mind equally and the way for anyone who wants to return, know and understand the truth of their origin to follow Her path of true sincerity, awaken, know and understand the truth of origin, the source of all prosperity and enjoy life, just as She did. 


This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

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