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Coaxing the Self-Centered Imagination to return homeMy side dishes are not exclusively prepared with the original family recipe but rather represent some of my personal reflections and ponderings on the flavor and intention of the original family recipe.

My intention in writing down those ponderings and reflections  has to do with my efforts to understand the "Model of Parental Love" shown by the original parental consciousness of all human beings equally and to find new ways to open new paths for returning the self-centered imagination to its original pristine condition. Ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the level of maturity of anyone who would like to know the freedom and limitless workings that even now exist and flow from the true origin of their mind.

Since knowledge of the true origin of the mind also reveals the original truth of self, the awakening and revelation of which impacts everything in detail, the side dishes often deal with the way in which my own imagined self or self centered imagination was laid down and accumulated over time, like dust gathering on a mirror or on the lens of
 a looking glass. In my own case that dust eventually appeared to me as the the truth of myself and the truths of my world. In other words whatever I thought or  imagined was seen by me to be both a real and true view of the world. My personal reflections are then intended to show a quick and tested way of awakening to the distinction between the truth of the original self of all equally (God's mind) and the worldly common truths of the limited self-centered imagination.

Since no two human minds are exactly the same, once the distinction between original consciousness and the self-centered imagination is made it becomes possible to follow the Model of Parental Love in trying to find ways appropriate for the time, place and level of spiritual maturity of anyone who would like to awaken to the the true origin of their mind, the truth of self, the true origin and cause of all things in detail.   


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