Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - TEST FOR PROOF

Test for proof

This talk only requires your enlightenment.
With enlightenment will come tested proof.

The "tested proof" that is spoken of requires irrefutable evidence. Irrefutable evidence means evidence that cannot be disproved and that everyone at all times and in all places who tests the proof will come to the same conclusion.  The "enlightenment" ("satori") that is spoken of is the original and natural state of a mind that has awakened from the persistent and authentic dream that is the self centered imagination. Such a mind can be poetically called "the mind like clear water", single-heartedness with the mind of God, the truth of origin, the true parental heart, the Residence swept clean etc..

Listen to whatever God says!
If only the cleaning of the Residence is completed,

It will soon be seen. Without a moment to look aside,
the dust will disappear as if you were dreaming.

When this dust is completely swept away,
nothing will remain but universal salvation.

When we speak of a proof that is true in all times and places and for all human beings we are speaking of a single fundamental state of being. Since it does not take much pondering and reflection to be aware that all human minds have different, unique contents it becomes apparent that the proof that we are instructed to awaken to is not any one of the multitude of worldly common thoughts and truths of the world. It is in fact the one truth and proof that remains when all human thoughts and truths of the world are settled and made quiet. In the teaching of the Tenrikyo Dynamic this state of mind, even if momentary, is called the truth of the Sazuke, or the truth of the power of the origin, or single-heartedness with the original cause of all things in detail or single-heartedness with the mind of God.

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.
So long as you remain unknowing that the body is
a thing borrowed, you can understand nothing at all.

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