Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission  - THE WORKSHOP

The workshop sawThe workshop and workspace for the completion of the work of the purification of all of the minds of the world is located not surprisingly within each individual person's mind.

Though Miki Nakayama unintentionally returned Her mind to it's original pristine condition She none the less did so and because of that She was able to open a narrow path of single heartedness with the mind of God for anyone else who wished to intentionally return their own mind to the truth of its origin and know, understand and enjoy the free and unlimited workings that flow from single heartedness with God, just as She had. Only in our case showing the way to intentionally do so as well as unintentionally doing so.

a path of removal

The work ("tsutome") of preparing the mind to intentionally awaken involves making the determination to sincerely follow the directions for the temporary settling or removal of all of the accumulated truths, ideas and concepts that are covering over our realization of our true parental heart, the truth of our origin.

The mind of Moonsun urgently hastens.
You close to Me, also, prepare your minds for the Service!

This preparation is not just for any one thing.
The Service is for any and all matters.

The work of removal can be done quickly but it is often the case that we lose track of the task and the purpose of the task and wonder off on some other path and intention without even noticing. For that reason many people find that it is easier to work together with other minds by helping each other to refine their minds and awaken. Of course it is also possible to lose the plot and forget the intention in doing the work and in doing so running the risk helping each other to stay asleep, comfortably wrapped in collective worldly common dreams. Fortunately we have a number of tools to help us with the work and keep us oriented on the quick realization of the promised single hearted salvation that is given to the truly sincere "mind like clear water".

The Service: it is not always the same.
I shall teach you the hand movements for each purpose.

Pondering the above poem can be of great help to anyone who anyone who would like to engage in working with other minds around the world.

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.
So long as you remain unknowing that the body is
a thing borrowed, you can understand nothing at all.

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