Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - REPLACING THE FOUNDATION

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.


When we think honestly and deeply about the long journey of our species it becomes clear that over time many principle ideas have risen in the imaginations of some, been embraced as absolutely true by binding the imaginations of many and in time have passed away to be replaced by some other principle truth. We can think of those principle truths as being temporary truths for a temporary purpose.

Thinking about those temporary  principle truths some of which were the pillars of cultures and civilizations and endured for long periods of time before disappearing or giving way to some new principle truth. To be embraced as a principle truth there must be some benefit for a group of whatever size to be derived from believing it to be true.

Trivial self centered truths are personal truths. That is truths that we have worked out for self. These trivial personal truths are often quite fluid and changeable for reasons that we will get to later. 

Galileo Galilei 1524-1642

One of the examples that is often given concerning the difficulty that we have with changes in principle truths is the story of the problems that arose for Galileo Galilei,1524-1642, when he attempted to promote the theory putNicolaus Copernicus 1473-1542 forward earlier by Nickolas Copernicus, 1473-1543, that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, which up until that time was thought to be the center of our universe around which all things revolved. That this would have been the cause of trouble might seem silly to us now because we were taught differently in school but in fact the Sun does clearly appear to revolve around the Earth. After all, our language still reflects that natural perception when we speak of the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West and the passage of the Sun across the sky.

The theories put forward by both Copernicus and Galileo that drove changes in one of the principle truths of both their world and ours were, at the time that they were presented, supported by a number of influential people who were able to understand the proofs that were provided because they were able to understand the mathematics and geometry that made up the body of the theories. On the other hand those people who were satisfied with the obvious truth that is presented to our senses that the Sun and stars revolve around the Earth and, for the more learned, the principle truths that they had learned through a fundamental reading of the Bible and from the philosophy of Aristotle; the theories were an insult to both their intelligence and their religious beliefs.

 I think it worth noting that if today I were asked to prove that the Sun in fact revolves around the Earth I wouldn't be able to do it because though I have the knowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun that I acquired in school I don't have access to the understanding of the specialized education in mathematics and geometry that I would be need to do so. In the early  twentieth century, building on the work of scientists in the nineteenth century, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr further moved many of the truths that are intuitive and natural to our senses out of our sure grasp and into the realm where only minds that both know and understand mathematics and geometry can hope to play. Think about it for a moment. Though we enjoy numerous marvelous inventions the workings of more and more of them are beyond our ordinary intuitive senses and for some but by no means all of us that is the cause of some anxiety.

I have dwelt on this topic of the relationship between principle truths of the world and the increasingly necessary skill sets to know and understand them as well as the constantly changing day to day trivial truths that are entertained in our self centered imagination to make the point that in sharp contrast the Tenrikyo Dynamic teaching doesn't require any ordinary knowledge or specialized learning to access and take the test that reveals the true origin of the mind. It is available to all human minds in all times and places.

Osashizu August 23, 1887 - Concerning the trivial day to day truths of our mind:

There are no divine instructions that say you must do this or that on matters pertaining to your family or other matter which you can think about and carry out yourself.

Osashizu  January 8,1888 Concerning special knowledge and education:

Understand the truth of the origin [of this teaching]. She was not a well-known person. She was just an ordinary person on a farm. She had no special knowledge. She was not extraordinary. But understand well the truth that it was She who taught the ultimate teaching. She did not travel to see and to learn She was not taught anything in particular.

Over the long journey of human beings the fundamental principles upon which we create the truths of our world have changed many times. Our thirst for knowledge and the replacement of fundamental truths is the hallmark of our species. When we think about the changes that have taken place until now we generally neglect to take into consideration the fact that though ideas and truths change the true conscious knower, the real and true origin of both human beings and of all of those truths of the world remains the same. In truth fundamentally the universe is one body with one mind that knows everything at once. To know everything at once is to know nothing in particular. That is to say that God the original consciousness of everything, knows everything indiscriminately. From that point of view, the one fundamental original true state of being is tasteless. It's no fun. To be able to enjoy particular things, the original one caused instruments to be collected together in ways that eventually evolved into a huge variety of conscious forms.

 The true intention in the creation of human beingsAmong those conscious forms are human beings. Human beings are capable of making fine distinctions and discriminations and turning them into truths of the world. Those fine distinctions and discriminations can be accumulated as what is called human knowledge and truths of our world. At the core of all however resides eternally the original one whose intention is to taste and enjoy the fine distinctions and discriminations of human beings as joyous life. Since our freedom of mind has not yielded that joyous life we are encouraged and hastened to awaken from  the foundation of our self centered dream and know our true origin as it exists fundamentally at the core of our being. Once that is done we are encouraged and hastened replace the self centered foundation of our thinking with the knowledge of the original foundation of our mind and then go back out and play in the joyous life.

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