Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - BEGINNINGS

Beginnings Reflecting on the poems collected as the "Tip Of The Writing Brush" and "The Timely Talks and Directives" a number of occurrences of a teaching concerning "beginnings" come to mind. They are :

The beginning of the World.
The beginning of Human Beings.
The beginning of a path of single hearted salvation by all means.
The beginning of a new foundation for human reasoning.
The beginning of the construction of a new world of joyous life for all.

All of the teachings concerning beginnings are based on the foundation of a single principle truth and a single principle intention. That truth is that all actions stem from the original cause ("moto no innen") in the mind of God and are continuing to unfold in the Mind of God  whose body is the universe and whose single intention is for the realization of a joyous life for all human beings as quickly as possible. So we might ask: if God wants to recreate a world of joyous life, why doesn't God just magically make that happen?

The answer to that question is a very important part of the teaching.  Note that all of the beginnings are done through causal instruments set in motion at the beginning of the universe and which are sustained by the mind of God. It is because of the free and unlimited causal workings that flow from the mind of God through causal instruments that we are able to experience the world. Each and every beginning is then dependent upon the actions of the proper causal instruments acting in the right order. Beginning as an idea in God's mind the instruments were gathered together, enter into each other and causally become more and more complicated acting according to God's free and unlimited workings within the rules of causality that were established at the very beginning of the universe.

So the world is created in God's mind using fundamental instruments of causality, human beings are created using instruments of causality, a path of single hearted salvation is opened using an instrument of  causality, a new foundation for human reasoning is offered but can only be realized if causal instruments can be found to know, understand and teach the way of it, a new world of joyous life for all can be created again if there are causal instruments available and willing to create it.

The mind of God exists at the core of any and everything and can be known and understood by exposing the core consciousness of the human mind. Our original core consciousness can be "dug up" and exposed by quieting all of our imagined ideas of separation (our self image or self centered imagination) just long enough, it only takes an instant, to realize the truth of what remains as our original pristine consciousness. The mind of a three year old child, the mind that we had when we were three years old before we began to imagine things. Not that we are expected to remain without a self image. We are however hastened to shut down our imagination, our worldly common thoughts, just long enough to know and understand the difference between things as they originally are and things as we imagine them to be. The ability to clearly make that distinction is the beginning of the construction of a new world of joyous life.

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

Sah, sah, because Moonsun exists, the world exists. Because the world exists, things exist. Because things exist, your bodies exist. Because your bodies exist, law exists. Although the law exists, to resolve your hearts is primary.
January 13, 1887