Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - LET MOONSUN RUSH OUT

Prepare for Moonsun to rush out

What is it that I hasten day after day?
It is solely the preparation for Moonsun to rush out.
Listen closely to this talk and understand it well.
There is no knowing what I shall do.
Please undersand well what I say about the conditions
of the path ahead. This is the request of Moonsun.
When you hear that Moonsun has rushed out,
quickly bring out the Kanrodai.
Prepare your minds for the place of the Jiba,
the place where the Kanrodai is to be set up.
If this is surely settled,
there will be no danger in anything at all.

The key to awakening to a joyous life is the preparation of the mind. The mind like clear water is required but currently the water is clouded and murky. Thinking deeply about the state of our mind allows us to sincerely decide to let the original mind of God "rush out" or to keep it burried under our self centered imaginings and imagined truths of the world. To be able to intentionally make that choice requires that the distinction be made, in our own mind, between our self-centered imaginings (our minds voice) and the original consciousness that it appears reflected within.

Once that distinction is made we can choose to let our true and original self  "rush out" to enjoy life anew and in high spirited joy. 


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