Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission  RECREATING THE WORLD

This universe is the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

Recreating the worldI think that we are all familiar with worldly common promises and efforts to recreate the human world. Usually those promises are based on ideas of economic and social equality and justice. Historically, in every case, though there have been some temporary successes, such efforts or movements have collapsed under the strain of ever more oppressive efforts to make everyone think, believe and act in the same way. Since no two human minds are exactly the same and will remain so. It is not surprising that efforts to make all minds conform to the same "truths of the world" are doomed to failure from the very beginning.

The teaching that is Tenrikyo Dynamic also promises the recreation of the world though it is profoundly different from the worldly common expectations that we are perhaps used to. The teaching that is the Tenrikyo Dynamic does not advance any worldly common expectations, ideas or agendas. Instead the Tenrikyo Dynamic relies on the expectation that minds that know and understand the truth of their origin can use that knowledge and understanding as a foundation for future thoughts and actions which will, of their own accord and in the course of things, freely and unlimitedly create a world of joyous life for all.

The origin may seem small, but the root is great.
In all matters know the origin

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