Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - WORLDLY COMMON - TRUTHS OF THE WORLD - Pg. 6 "ME  MY MINE"

After giving it some sincere thought I am now willing to admit that I am the subject of all of my thoughts. My experience of the world is about just that, "my experience of the world". Even if I think about someone or something else it is still me that is the thinker, the doer and the experiencer. I own all of my thoughts.

Certainly at this point I would be justified in saying that it would be impossible to go any deeper into the working of my mind and perhaps just be satisfied with what I have learned and continue to lean on and depend upon my core beliefs and truths of the world to guide my way in the world, while assuming that the core is either impossible to reach or that the core is one of the principle beliefs already held.

At any rate it is difficult to escape the fact that I am the subject of all of my thoughts, actions and impulses. How can I go deeper than that recognition? Upon reflection it is apparent that the state of my mind, the fruit of  the fundamental principles and primary beliefs that flow into the world as my thoughts and actions become the state of my world. If it turns out that I am not finding satisfaction and joy in the world that I am creating out of my fundamental principles and beliefs then what if anything can I do about it?


If I stop here and fall back on my conditioned fundamental beliefs and truths of my world I will be stuck in the muddy water  unable to to intentionally go any deeper because in the darkness it isn't possible to be able to tell up from down. This situation is what is referred to as being lost in the darkness of one's own imagination without any sure guide.

Quickly, try the pondering and then hasten.
Why are you not preparing to dig up the root?

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