Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - WORLDLY COMMON - TRUTHS OF THE WORLD - "OH!" - Page 5

I shall distinguish those thoughts which are sincere
from those which are concerned with only the self.

As I examine the graphic model of my thought process, revealing my mind and the worldly common truths that appear at any given time to be  its  foundation, it has become apparent that all of my thoughts have the same underlying understanding. That understanding is that in every case I am understood to be the thinker, doer, actor and subject in and of all of my thoughts. That is to say that my thoughts are centered on myself. No surprise there, after all who else would be at the understood center of my thinking?

The self-centered mind will not do.
The mind of God differs entirely.

As human beings are shallow,
you speak about everything without knowing the core.

So this creates a problem. I would like to know the original cause of all things in detail and have thought about it deeply and in so doing have revealed my mind and the worldly common truths at its supposed foundation only to find that my mind is naturally self-centered in all matters and that it is just that self-centered mind that cannot know and understand the original cause of all things, the "core", "the mind of God".

 If the knowledge and understanding of the truth of everything is not to be found within the shallow, worldly common thoughts of my self-centered mind, then where can it be found? Obviously there must be something missing from my representation of the true origin of my mind. To know the original cause of all things in detail then I will have to find, know and understand the original "core" of my mind, which exists at a deeper level then all of my worldly common, shallow, self-centered thoughts.

Today, being aware of nothing.
all people remain in a common worldly state.

But what path will be seen tomorrow?
The core of the mind will become apparent.

When this mind is fully apparent,
no one will ever be able to turn away.

Recalling then that water is a metaphor for my mind and recognizing that by using worldly common self centered thinking I am not going to be able to know and understand the original cause of all things that exists as the core of my mind; I can then say that my worldly common self centered thinking is the metaphoric "dust", "dirt", "mud" and "debris" that is clouding my mind, distorting my thinking and keeping me from revealing and realizing the one original truth that exists as the original cause of all things, at core of my mind.

When you calm your mind step by step and ponder,
it will change into clear water.

I shall go into the water in the mountains and make it clear,
whatever kind of water it may be.

Good news there. I can count on help making my mind like clear water and it doesn't matter what kind of mind, what kind dust, debris or mud I have accumulated prior to starting on the task. To go deeper then, I will have to look for a way or ways to quickly clear the water so that I can go deeper and progress to revealing the truth of the original cause of all things in detail as it exists as "the mind of God", the original  the core of my mind, the place where my self centered imagination and my humanity is created. I know that this is not going to be easy as I have had experience arguing against the possibility of doing this since my high school years, however if I want to go deeper I will have to some sincere work ("tsutome") at finding a way for quickly getting the job done.

If you quickly purify your mind and listen,
I shall give you all of My teachings on everything.

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