Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - WORLDLY COMMON - TRUTHS OF THE WORLD - Pg. 9 "One light reflected"

Moonsun Kanrodai
This universe is  the body of God.
Ponder this in all matters.

All human beings are things lent by God.
With what thought are your using them?
This year, I shall begin marvelous things.
I shall do things you have never known before.

Until now, you have understood everything in a worldly common way.
From now on, you will understand from your innermost heart.

This time, I begin the single-hearted salvation 
after having tested it on Myself.

This salvation is not brought about by formulas of worship,
or by exorcism, or by calling on oracles.

At this place, I shall teach everything.
Be single-hearted with God, and from your innermost heart...

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